A good way to  store flour or, heat treated flour  will maintain the shelf life of flour and also protect its quality from the presence of harmful fungi or microorganisms. Flour is a food ingredient that is easily overgrown by fungi and eventually becomes damaged, furthermore the flour was made from heat treated flour. This is due to the dry nature of flour so that it easily absorbs water and becomes moist.

Flour, which is usually packaged in plastic and has been opened, will be easily damaged, such as clumping and growing mold. So that this doesn’t happen, you have to know how to store good flour so that the flour lasts longer. Here are 5 ways to store good flour.

1. Store flour and heat treated flour in a plastic container or make it into heat treated flour

Flour that has been opened from its plastic packaging will usually easily become moist because it is no longer closed. A good way to store flour to keep it dry and safe from moisture is to store it in a closed container made of plastic or glass.

Do not expose flour to air, flour exposed to air will contain bad bacteria such as E. Coli. You may have heard about it in the news or on the web when some flour was recalled for making people sick. That is flour that has been contaminated with E. Coli bacteria that have been exposed to air. Baking flour and making it is the right step. 

2. Store heat treated flour in a cool place

heat treated flour

Heat treated flour is very easy to absorb water or become moist because of its physical characteristics which are dry particles in the form of powder. Flour will become damp easily if it is stored in a place that has a high moisture content or humidity.

Avoid keeping flour in the cupboard for too long because this causes the flour to become damp and easily agglomerate. Store flour in a cool place that is not too humid or too hot.

3. Store flour in the cooler

One way to maintain the durability of flour is to store it in a cooler or refrigerator. Refrigerators or refrigerators are food preservatives that can maintain the shelf life of food for quite a long time (months or even years, depending on the type of food).

Flour stored in the refrigerator will last longer because the cold temperature in the refrigerator can kill insects or harmful microorganisms that may grow on flour that has been opened. When storing flour in the refrigerator, don’t forget to place it in a closed container first to prevent contamination with other food ingredients in the refrigerator.

4. Do not mix new flour and old flour

Mixing new flour with old flour will make the flour spoil easily. Old flour may be more moist than new flour because it has been opened from the package and has been used, while new flour is still in good condition and not moist.

Old flour that is still a lot should be used up first and then use the new flour. However, first make sure that the old flour is still in good condition and suitable for consumption. Using heat treated flour is a good idea, what is heat treated flour? heat treated flour is flour that is burned up to 160 degrees using an oven so that bacteria such as E. Coli cannot survive in the flour content, you can also use a glass container which will have a better level of impermeability than a plastic container, because of the pores Glass is smaller than plastic so it is more difficult for air to get in and out.

5. Give the storage date

The shelf life of flour is actually quite long, which can be up to 1 year. However, if the storage is wrong or not right then the flour will be easily damaged.

Flour that has been opened from the packaging, should be used up immediately so as not to be damaged. So, so that you don’t forget the date you opened the flour package, you should put a label that says the date the flour package was opened.

Expired flour

Flour is also the same as other food ingredients, which both have a shelf life or expiration date. Unopened wheat flour generally has a shelf life of more than 1 year and can last around 6-9 months after opening the package.

Wheat flour that has expired or is damaged is easy to see from its physical appearance. The characteristics of expired flour are that the flour has an unpleasant smell like musty, lumps, and the color becomes dull. For those of you who want to buy heat treated flour, you can try buying wheat flour modified by Inofa from PT Mulia Inti Pangan.


Wheat flour and heat treated flour are food ingredients that easily absorb water so that they become moist and damaged. In order to store flour properly, it is best if the flour that has been opened from the package is stored in an airtight and dry container so that it does not get damp and become damaged.

By kopag